The Works That I Do Shall You Do Also!

/The Works That I Do Shall You Do Also!

The Works That I Do Shall You Do Also!


On my last trip to Nepal, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview several Nepali men who are now following Christ.  I am always interested in hearing the stories and testimonies of how they came to follow Jesus.  So many heard the Gospel from other Nepalis and many experienced the power of God through healings and miracles.

One such story I would like to share with you about is a certain partner we have named Bhim.  Bhim is one of a team of coaches for AIMS that we are working with to mobilize churches and leaders in Nepal to target and engage UPGs.  He is from the high mountain district toward Mount Everest and grew up in a village where ancient religions where practiced.  His whole village had never heard about the love of God through Jesus Christ.

He shared how his father set off for India to seek a better job, and while he was in India he heard the Gospel and gave his heart to the Lord.  He was born again and began attending a church.  While he was attending the church he learned about Jesus and how to follow Him in a loving relationship.  One of the truths that stuck out was that Jesus was a miracle worker and that God’s love was expressed through His compassion by healings and miracles.

His father returned to his village to find that his wife had fallen sick and was nearing death.  His family took her to a doctor in their district and found that nothing  could be done.  The doctor did not give any hope of recovery and predicted that she would probably die in a few days.

With this grim news the family brought her back to their village and Bhim’s father remembered the Word of God that was taught him in India and hope was rekindled in his heart.  With great boldness his father broke the news of his new-found faith in Jesus.  With faith he declared to them, “I believe in Jesus and I am now a Christian, and while Jesus was on earth he would lay hands on sick people and they would be healed and miracles would happen in impossible situations.  Jesus said that people who believe on him can lay their hands on the sick and will have the same results.  I will lay hands on my wife now.”

So he laid his hands on his wife and she was immediately healed!  She stood up completely healed and the whole village was a witness to the mighty miracle working power of Jesus.  Bhim’s father began to share Jesus with his village and people began accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Bhim’s family was blown away by this wonderful work of God and were eager to learn more.

However, not everyone was happy about this powerful display of God’s love.  Bhim’s uncle, who happened to be a local witchdoctor, was very displeased.  In his anger, Bhim’s witchdoctor uncle pronounced a curse on his dad and was wanting to kill him.

But the curse did not come on Bhim’s father, instead the curse came back on his uncle and he became deathly sick.  He too went to the doctor and found out that he was going to die within a few days.  Despondently, he returned to his village and Bhim’s father was there to meet him.  Bhim’s father spoke to him with love and compassion.  He said, “I prayed and laid my hands on my wife in the name of Jesus and she was healed.  I can lay my hands on you and this same Jesus that healed my wife will heal you.  Would you like me to pray for you too?” This witchdoctor said, “Yes, please pray for me!”

And he did not die, not that night, not a few days later, in fact he is still alive today and Bhim’s uncle actually became a pastor in this region.   The results from this powerful impact of God’s love and grace, there have been 15 churches planted in this region.  The most exciting thing about this testimony is that the work of the Gospel was carried out by Nepalis.  By the indigenous believers who simply responded in faith to the Gospel and the demonstration of his love through these miracles.

What a wonderful testimony of God’s love and power.  You may be facing an impossible situation.  Perhaps there are people in your life today that need a touch, need a healing, a miracle.  Be encouraged to believe and to do the works of Jesus with a simple, childlike faith.  God’s glory will be revealed as we step out in simple obedience.

12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”   John 14:12

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