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Tearing Down The Wall

Imagine that there is an invisible wall that separates Christians from non Christians.  This wall stands as a barrier between Christians and those who are Unreached Peoples (UPG). 

The walls that man erects usually contain something of value and protect from theft or destruction anything outside the wall.  This wall that I am referring to is a spiritual wall.  It’s stones and mortar are built by the enemy of humanity that would stand to keep the church from fulfilling the mandate of taking the Gospel throughout the world.

The brick and mortar of this wall are resistances such as spiritual, logistical, socio-political and cultural barriers.  Each of these resistances have stood to isolate the 3 billion people who are characterized as unreached.  A people group is classified as Unreached when 2% of there ethnic group are Christians and they do not have a viable church to evangelize their own people.

This wall stands between the Christian world and approximately 1/3 of the worlds Unreached People Groups.  83% of the UPGs are found in the 10/40 window, the area of the world where the major religions of the world have been birthed, 80% of the “poorest of the poor” and 82% of the “lowest quality of life.”

When we look at the side of the wall where people have access to the Gospel, we find that there are three major classifications of Christians.  First there are committed Christians which makes up about 11% of the Christian world.  Next there are “Nominal Christians” making up 20% (Identifying with the Christian faith or denomination but not living a life of obedience to Jesus as Lord).   Finally there is “None Christians within reach” 26-27% (we could call these within reach “un evangelized within reach of Christians.”

As the church lifts up the words of Jesus to Go into all the world and proclaim and make disciples (Mark 16:15, and Matthew 28:18-20), we find a major hinderance with this wall.  But this wall should not stop the church and the church’s mandate.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the wall, the side of the wall that is called “Unreached”.  These people may live their whole life and never see a church, know of a pastor, a Bible, they may live their whole life and never even meet a Christian.  These are the Unreached of our world.  The redemption through Christ give each person equal right to salvation, but not all in the world have equal access.  It is the church’s objective to give them access to this Salvation that Jesus died to provide for all.

On the other side of the wall you will find people bound by Tribal and Folk religion, Hinduism, Unreligous, Muslim and Buddhist.  When we consider this as the church, many would consider these people out of sight, out of mind.  Perhaps they would Christians in other parts of the world have the responsibility to reach them.  To this mindset I would like to present this scripture in Luke 10:27.  He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Who is our neighbor?  I would like to challenge you with this thought that the global village, which includes these unreached peoples are our neighbors. 

How can we reach them?  Well we need to begin to tear down this wall brick by brick. 

  • To remove the brick of Spiritual resistance, let’s raise up an army of prayers for strategic missions ministry, (Acts 13)
  • To remove the brick of Cultural resistance, let’s mobilize and train missionaries.
  • To remove the socio-political resistance, let’s find ways to love and serve, have good works toward them that can transform society.

If we can intentionally identify the various walls that separate us from the Unreached and help the church engage the unreached we can see the completion of the Great Commission.


“Empowering the Church to take the Gospel where it has never been proclaimed.”


From Harvest Connection:  Dr. Howard Foltz

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