Taking Off Soon! Nepal, The Middle East, Greece & Albania.

/Taking Off Soon! Nepal, The Middle East, Greece & Albania.

Taking Off Soon! Nepal, The Middle East, Greece & Albania.

Scott & Sue pictureThe time has come with anticipation and excitement.  Sue and I will be leaving this Sunday on a journey that will take us to several locations in Nepal, Turkey, Greece and Albania.  We wanted to give you an overview of what our trip is going to look like in response to our support team’s desire to be informed so that you can join us in praying for God to move in these strategic assignments.


October 1399005_674351702604591_1583274491_o9th our Medical Missions Team  will be flying out of the country, heading for Nepal. Our team is headed up by Dr. Gross who will oversee the medical care of the camps that will be conducted.  Dr. Goss’s wife Dovie will be assisting her husband along with a highly qualified nurse, Peg Arnett.

Along with Sue and I, the others who are joining us are Jordan Todd, from Glenwood Springs, Co., Danny Rommick from Rhema, Columbia South America, our niece Annalisa Cameneti, who will be meeting us in Nepal traveling from China, Our son Bryce and Janaai Romero will be joining us from Monterey Mexico.

Our Nepali team, headed up by Robby Rai will be traveling with us.  We will be conducting medical camps in four different locations in the Terai region, which is a lower jungle area of Nepal bordering the nation of India and then later the Kathmandu Valley.


Our next segment of ministry will be an “Taking Your Place In Christ” Conference with Mark and Trina Hankins in Kathmandu.  After our time of ministry in the medical camp, the Hankins will be holding a three day conference.  This is a wonderful followup to the book, “Taking Your Place in Christ”, that has been translated into Nepali.  We are excited to have this caliber of ministry available to the Nepali believers and expect great things to happen as a result of this message of transformation by the Word of God.



Harvest Connection!  While the Hankin’s conference is taking place, yet another exciting segment of our trip will be taking place.  Dr. Howard Foltz, founder of AIMS (Accelerated International Missions Strategies) will arrive in Kathmandu.  The following week Dr. Foltz along with his team from Colorado Springs howard-foltz, Derrick and Kassie Fisher will travel with Sue and I to Damak, a city in eastern Nepal.  We will be meeting with chosen pastors and leaders to do the AIMS Harvest Equippers Seminar.  This seminar is designed to cast vision a mobilize indigenous believers to be missionaries in their own country.  We are believing and expecting God to do a work of raising up Nepalis, who will take the Gospel where it has never gone before, specifically to the 240 unique unreached people groups that remain in their country.

After we say goodbye to our AIMS team members, Sue and I will remain in Nepal one more week to meet with several different leaders of various denominations, and ministry organizations, pastors and leaders to follow up on the Harvest Equipper’s ministry vision.

istanbul_600x225The Middle East is our next stop as we meet with pastors and leaders.  We will meet with precious believers in a sensitive region of the middle East from four different cities, establishing future times of church planting training among unreached people groups.spyros-voulgaris


greeceRhema Greece with pastor Spyros will be next in this key location of reaching unreached people groups.  Sue and I will be ministering in Rhema Bible School and in churches of Thessaloniki, Athens with a short trip to Tirana Albania.  We will be helping explore the prospect of a Rhema starting in the nation of Albania.


This will be a very busy two months with many connections and ministry opportunities.  We would be honored to have you join us by praying on a few key points.

  • Safety for all the teams as we travel.
  • Open hearts of the indigenous pastors and leaders.
  • Supernatural guidance of national leaders in engaging the unreached.
  • Supernatural protection of believers who live in areas that have been hostile to the Gospel.
  • Men and Women of peace who will be open to the Gospel.
  • Church planting movements to be established in these areas. 
  • Continue to pray “The Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into the harvest field.”
  • “Harvest of souls brought into the Kingdom of God.”

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