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Something Is Happening

This is a testimony and a portion of the book, “A Wind in the House of Islam.”  This book was written by David Garrison.  The whole point of the book is to take a look at “How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus Christ.”

I would like to take some time to blog about the testimonies that is coming out from the Muslim Empire.  I will take some testimonies from David Garrison’s book, but also other books and from personal friends, who are Mulsim background believers.

Let’s begin….

A wind is blowing through the House of Islam.  The house of Islam, Dar al-Islam in Arabic, is the name Muslims give to an invisible religious empire that stretches from West Africa to the Indonesian archipelago, encompassing 49 nations and 1.6 billion Muslims.  Dwarfing the size of any previous earthly kingdom, Islam directs the spiritual affairs of nearly a quarter of the worlds population. but something is happeing today that is challenging the hold that Islam exercises over its adherents.  Muslim movements to Jesus Christ are taking place in numbers we’ve never before seen.

For the sake of clarity and consistency, let’s define a movement of Muslims to Christ to be a least 100 new church starts or 1,000 baptisms that occur over a two-decade period.  Today, in more than 70 separate locations in 29 nations, new movements of Muslim-background followers of Christ are taking place.  Each of these movements has crossed the threshold of at least 100 new starts or 1,000 baptised believers, all of whom have come to Chrsit over the past two decades.  In some countries the numbers within these new movements have grown  to tens of thousands.

Though the total nubmer of new Christ followers, betwewen two and seven million, may be a staticsstcally small drop in the vast sea of Islam, they are not insignificant.  Not limited to a remote corner of the Muslim world, these new communities of faith are widespread, from West Africa’s Sahel to the teeming islands of Indonesia-and everywhere between.

The price these converts pay for their conversion has not diminished with the arrival of modern times.  Qur’anic prescriptions remain unflinching:  “if they turn renegades, seize themand slay them whereever ye find them” (Qur’an 4:89b).  And these religious renegades are paying an incalcuable price for their spiritual migration to Christ.  Yet they continue to come.  What began as a few scattered expressions of dissent is now growing more substantial.  Historically unprecidented numbers of Muslim men and women are wading against the current of their societies to follow Jesus Christ.  And it is only the beginning.  -David Garrison  (A WIND IN THE HOUSE OF ISLAM).

We need to see that God is moving in the world today within the Muslim world.  We should not fear, hate or dispise this religious group.  God can give us, the church a heart of compassion for Muslims.  Many are living among us in the United States, which proves to be a tremendous opportunity for the church.  Many of these people have come from closed countries and now live within a stone throw of wonderful life-giving churches.  Could it be that God has ordained that Muslim men, women and children have been displaced from their country and God has strategically placed them so that the church can reach them?

I blieve that God is working in the world today and I believe that you will be great encouraged at the testimonies and the principles and strategies that are being employed from around the world to see the greatest move of Muslims to followers of Jesus Christ.  Let us believe that great and mighty things can happen in and through us to the glory of God among the Muslim world.  Amen.





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