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“Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest!”

AIMS Web page contentGod has a plan to take the Good News of eternal life to all the peoples of the world. He intends to use local churches as His primary tool to accomplish that goal. The Harvest Connection seminar was created to help your church discover God’s intended purpose as a

Great Commission Church

in expanding God’s Kingdom throughout the earth….

The Harvest Connection Seminar

Through this engaging seminar, you and your church will have the opportunity to: * Look through the 10/40 Window to see millions of people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. * Learn what the Bible says about missions. * Discover your mission to share Christ with a world that desperately needs a Savior. * Mobilize your congregation and use resources already on hand to minister cross-culturally. * Reach the world for Jesus Christ!

“The Harvest Connection seminar will revolutionize the way traditional churches fulfill the Great Commission.” – Rev. John Kimball  (Suffolk, VA)

“Harvest Connection is God’s vehicle for awakening a sleeping church and energizing it for a last day’s harvest of unmeasured proportions.” – Rev. Noah Barefoot  (Robinsonville, NC)

“We were challenged to invest our lives in the harvest outside our own nation. We realized that we can encourage our people to give not just money, but their lives.” – Rev. Joao Cardoso  (Portugal)

“Harvest Connection was a turning point for the churches in my nation. The best thing about this seminar is its simplicity, which allowed us to carry the message to others and multiply the results.” -Rev. Alfred Nyamekyah  (Ghana)

Connecting your Church to the World’s Harvest

Every day, millions of people die without once hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ….

What will YOU do to reach them?

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