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New Hope for Children started with a small hope—that was blessed to grow into fruition.

In March of 2006, Patsy Cameneti and her daughter Liliana were visiting some homes for orphaned and deprived children operated by Christians in Nepal.  The beautiful work that they observed during their trip inspired a vision in them to help actively participate in bringing hope and a future to more homeless children in Nepal.

Through prayer and careful consideration, we reached out to our longtime friend and pastor from Nepal, D.K. Daniel Limbu. He shared the same vision and hope of forming a safe home for children there.

Thus, the project in Kathmandu began.

Funds were raised for a rental house, beds, clothing and supplies for the future children, thanks to generous supporters.

Once a location was secured, New Hope for Children was opened! It began receiving children in April of 2007 and continues to thrive today as a result of the faithfulness of many.

New Hope for Children gets to provide:

  • A safe place to call home.
  • Godly, reliable care and guidance.
  • Food!
  • Medical and dental exams upon arrival, when the children fall sick, or when emergencies arise.
  • Plenty of clothing for the children, including school uniforms.
  • The opportunity to consistently go to school, where the children are also taught English.
  • Consistent, practical training in prayer and living a life of Christian faith.

One of the children has even graduated and gone on to Bible School to become a missionary!

Ready to make a difference in a child's life?