AIMS in a nutshell….

/AIMS in a nutshell….

AIMS in a nutshell….

What is AIMS?



“All mission outreach is smart, but strategic missions are smarter.  Dr Foltz and AIMS helped our church be smarter about missions and intentionally aim more effectively at the target groups mentioned by Jesus. Jesus said in Acts 1:8 to aim at Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.  AIMS is uniquely positioned to help churches aim at the unreached ends of the earth.”

– Pastor Terry Roberts Roberts                                                                                                                                           Faith Christian Family Church, Warrenton, MO

Often our great missions efforts can have a shotgun effect, aiming in the general direction of cross-cultural missions.  All mission efforts are smart but we can “do” missions smarter.  If we believe the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:14, there is a target of unreached peoples who have not even had an opportunity to hear the good news.  And we, the church worldwide, must reach them before we will see the return of Jesus.

The fact is, over 3 billion people on the earth today would be categorized as “unreached”.   Yet over 90% of the American church’s mission efforts go to regions of the world who already have a Christian presence. Thank God for all of our missions efforts throughout the whole world!

When it comes to our resources, less than 3 cents of every dollar from the American church will end up going to areas of the world in which the masses of unreached people reside.  Less than 10% of our missionaries go to these people who reside within a region called the 10/40 window.  Let us be aware of these peoples whom Jesus gave His life on the cross for. (stats from

As International Reps of AIMS we would love to share with you strategies that you and your church can be a part of.  It is time to join together and “aim” to see the “Great Commission become the “Great Completion”!

Sue and I are so thankful for the connection we have with Dr. Howard Foltz and AIMS.  In April we will be traveling to Armenia to train church planting trainers who are mobilized to reach unreached peoples in Iran and Turkey.

We are building a support team of 100 who will give to this work of God on a monthly basis to see the development of leaders, who will train other leaders in strategic regions of the world.  Our goal is to see churches planted that will be indigenous, self supporting and self multiplying in parts of the world who have never even heard of Jesus before.

We invite you to join our support team!  By partnering with us, your financial support to God’s work will be applied in empowering the church to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ where has never gone before.

$3500 Spain / March

$4500 Armenia / April

Join our support team click HERE!

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